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How to Take Control of Your Career Path

Life is too short to be spent working a job you don’t like. Not to mention the discontent and boredom that leads to.

One of your missions in life is to find your career path and follow it. It’s what will give you satisfaction, will help you exceed, will motivate you to be your best self and let you contribute to the world by doing your best work.

You’re not born to get a degree and work a regular job in the same field. That career trajectory is long gone. We live in the era of entrepreneurship and there are countless opportunities for those willing to work hard and try new things.

If you’re tired of doing the same tedious tasks daily, if you feel like there’s potential within you waiting to be unleashed and that you still haven’t found what you love doing, keep looking.

Here are the steps you can take today to take control of your career path and get closer to the life you deserve:

1. Assess your current situation.
It’s really important to be clear about where you are in life right now, no matter how bad it is and how disappointed you are.

Sit down and have an honest conversation with yourself. Figure out what you don’t like about yourself and your life, what’s missing, what things you want but aren’t achieving, and what must be removed so that you can be happier and more successful.

2. Know what you truly want in life.

Define your purpose, find your true calling, get out there and try things until you understand what your heart desires.  The only career you’ll enjoy and will reach the top of is the one that you’re passionate about, the one you’re destined to do no matter what. So set specific goals, break them down into smaller steps and see what you need to get there.

3. Start looking for jobs.
Before you make the big step and quit your current job and go after your dream career, do your research first. There are job search websites available out there you can visit to look for jobs in various industries.

Visit some career websites and see what’s out there, what employers are looking for, what qualities you already possess and what grabs your attention from the many opportunities.

4. Build your portfolio.
You can start doing something on the side, before you quit your current job and jump into a new field. Experience is important and it will help you stand out and form relationships if you first do it on the side, and even for free. That’s how you can find your first clients, make mistakes and see what doesn’t work, and eventually get better before you start charging for what you do.

5. Don’t be afraid to dream big.
Don’t let others tell you what you can’t do if you want to excel in your career.Be ambitious and know you can get better at anything if you want it bad enough.
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