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Reset Cisco ASA5520 password tip!!!!

Reboot Power
When prompted , press Esc to interrupt the boot process and enter ROM monitor mode.You should see a Rommon Prompt (rommon#0> ).
rommon#0>confreg (press enter).
current configure register should be default of 0x01. Device will ask if you want to make changes to the configuration register.
Answer : NO
You must change the configuration Register to 0x41.
rommon#1>confreg 0x41
Reset the device.
rommon#2> boot
Now after booting you will see a general user mode like. ciscoasa>
ciscoasa> enable password
ciscoasa#copy startup-config running-config
ciscoasa#config t
ciscoasa(config)#enable password
Reset the configuration to default value 0x01.
ciscoasa(config)#config-register 0x01
View the configuration register setup
ciscoasa#show run startup-config
System config has been modified,save [Yes][No]
press Yes.
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