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Migrate mail from one server to another with imapsync

Have you been in the situation where you needed to move everyone’s mail from one provider to another?  It’s a pain to do using the mail client one at a time, but with this guide, you’ll be able to create a csv with everyone’s info and run one command to fire it all off.  All you need is a Linux machine to do it.

First, you’ll need to install the epel repo (skip if you already have it):
CentOS 5 (as root):
CentOS 6 (as root):
Now, use yum to install imapsync. It will automagically install all of the deps.
Now that it’s installed, let’s print out the help file and take a look at all of the usefulness of imapsync:
Now let’s get to business and start a sync. Let’s just do one user first before we jump into doing multiple at once.
Our info for this task:
Old: server=old.mailserver.com, user=test@domain.com, pass=mypasswd
New: server=new.mailserver.com, user=test@domain.com, pass=mypasswd
Here’s the command:
Let’s migrate multiple people at once now!
Create a file full of info called ‘file.txt’. An example is here
Now, paste this into sync_loop_unix.sh
(Make sure to change the hosts in the sync_loop_unix.sh file)
Make it executable:
Now run it!
You can add as many accounts as you want in the csv file.
Read more about imapsync on their official page: http://imapsync.lamiral.info/