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vTiger 5.4: Security and Performance Patch Release

The vTiger team has officially released two new patches for vTiger 5.4.

The security path is intended to address some vulnerabilities in vtiger and prevent the following types of attacks:
Local File Inclusion
Local File Deletion
SQL Injection
PHP Code Injection
Cross site scripting
Arbitrary File Upload
Authentication Bypass vulnerabilities(SOAP API’s)

If you haven’t modified vtiger source code you can download the patch and upload the files to your server. But if you have modified your vtiger or want to understand exactly what you are doing you can check this step by step diff file.

Besides the security update please apply the performance update that would improve your vtiger speed after the applying the security update. To download the performance patch click here. If you are looking for the diff file to apply this patch at code level you can click here
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