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Vtiger Related Fields Generator Module

One important feature that is missing in vtiger Layout Editor is the possibility add related fields between two existing modules. Thanks to one of VGS Global great customers. (They have decided to finance and make freely available this extension) We are releasing a new, free extension module that allows you to create vtiger related fields and related list between two existing modules.
Vtiger Related Field Generator for Vtiger 6.x

This new 100% module manager compatible module does not modify any of your current vtiger core files. All you need to do is download the zip file and upload it using the module manager manager. Once installed you will see a new entry in your vtiger settings:

After clicking in the module link you will see the following screen:Instructions:

To add the new field you will need to follow this steps
Select the module in which you will be adding the new field
Select the block from that module where the new field will be added
The new field Label (Should be less than 50 characters)
The new related module.

Finally is you want to add a new related list you should complete the final two steps:
Choose Add New
Set your new related list label (must be unique)

On you have completed all the field click the save button. If everything went OK your new field should be created on the module.

¿How can I delete the fields?

You can delete this fields as any other custom field. Go to Fields in settings > Select the module and you will see a trash icon next to the field.

Known Issues:
The module does not allow to create two related fields to the same module: Many of the related list functions work on the basis that there is just one related fields between the two modules, allowing you to create duplicated related fields will broke those functions.

Support & License

This a free module, provide AS IS without any express warranty. For support please comment below.

Download Link

You can download the module following this linkhttps://sourceforge.net/projects/vgs-related-field-generator/

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