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Zimbra Tips : How to Restrict Sending to Distribution list

By default, Distribution list in Zimbra can be sent from anywhere (internal domain and external domain). if you want to restrict from some users or internal domain only, please try this guidance

# Enable Milter
You must enable milter. Login to Zimbra Admin | Configure | Global Settings | MTA. Please checklist on Enable milter server. Next, restart milter services from CLI
1.su - zimbra
2.zmmilterctl restart
3.zmmilterctl status
# Give the owner to distribution list
Please create/select existing distribution list that want to configure restrict. Edit and give the owner. The following is example iman@imanudin.net as the owner against allusers@imanudin.net distribution list
# Configure restrict
– Please login to webmail the owner of distribution list (iman@imanudin.net)
– Go to Contacts menu | Distribution Lists
– Right click on Distribution list and select Edit Distribution List
– Go to Distribution List Properties menu and configure who users can send to DL
The following is example that user iman@imanudin.net and admin@imanudin.net can be send to DL
restrict sent to dl
Please try to send email to distribution list (from allow users and deny users) to ensure restriction have worked.
Good luck and hopefully useful 😀
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