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Change IP Address of Zimbra Mail Server : How to Resolve the Problem

By default, Zimbra will not get the problem if we try to change the IP Address. The problem will only occured if the replace IP have a different netmask with the previous one.

If we tried to change Zimbra mail server IP Address from a set of IP, eg : into and both of them are within same net mask, it will not get any problem. Zimbra mail server version 5.x.x will automatically change LDAP setting to proper configuration.

As described above, the problem will only occurred if current IP Address have different net mask, eg : change IP from into or into Below is an example of the error message :Error: This message could not be sent. Subject: Sending test message To: vivian@vavai.com Note: Soap Fault. Please recreate and resend the message. Details below: Error Code: mail.SEND_ABORTED_ADDRESS_FAILURE Error Text: Invalid address: vivian@vavai.com

and then another message :Message not sent; one or more addresses were not accepted. Rejected addresses: vivian@vavai.com

The problem occurred because Zimbra have different TrustedNetwork Setting in Postfix configuration within Zimbra configuration. Zimbra used Postfix as MTA engine and while it’s first initial install, trustednetwork setting will be filled out with existing IP Address format. To ensure if this is the main problem, checked current configuration at terminal / konsole and type in :su - zimbra $ postconf mynetworks mynetworks =

And another check : Zimbra LDAP configuration :zmprov getServer zimbra.example.com | grep zimbraMtaMyNetworks

If the setting display different IP set compared to current configuration, change the setting with zmprov modifyserver as noticed below :zmprov modifyServer hostname.domainname.tld zimbraMtaMyNetworks ' your.server.ip.address'

eg :zmprov modifyServer mail.vavai.com zimbraMtaMyNetworks ''

After change the proper setting, reload and restart your Zimbra server :su - zimbra postfix reload zmcontrol stop zmcontrol start
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