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vSphere Distributed Switch Part 13 – Restore dvSwitch Configuration

In this Post, I am going to explain you step by step procedure to restore the configuration of Distributed Virtual Switch from the backup file. Please take a lookhow to export dvswitch configuration. This restore option can be used to apply the settings saved in the backup configuration file to an different distributed switch or can be used Restore the distributed switch back to its original configuration from the backup  file incase of misconfiguration.
This Restore option can be used to restore policies and hosts associations on the distributed switch. You will not be able to restore the connection of physical uplinks ports. This restore option only available with vSphere web client 5.1 or later. This restore option will not re-create the dvswitch. You  need to manually recreate the dvswitch and restore the configuration from the backup file to restore its configuration
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Login to your vCenter server using vSphere Web client . Select your dvswitch and click on Actions -> All vCenter Actions -> Restore Configuration
In on Previous post “Export Distributed Switch Configuration” , We have saved the backup configuration file ” DVswitch-backup-jan9.zip” on our local desktop. Click on Browse and browse towards the location of saved backup file. Select the either one of the checkbox ” Restore distributed switch and all port groups” or “Restore distributed switch only”. Click on Next
Review the import settings Selection. It will display backup file name (DVswitch-backup-jan9.zip) , switch name (dSwitch-Development) , Switch Version, Number of port groups, Number of uplinks, number of network resources, ports and notes (description which you have entered at the time of dvswitch configuration export). Click on Finish to complete the restore.
You can restore your dvswitch optionally  with the connected portgroups using powercli commands as below
Restore-dvSwConfig -Path D:\dvswitchdata.xml -IncludePortgroups
 IncludePortgroups switch allow to  restore the configuration of the portgroups on the dvSwitch as well.I hope this is informative for you. Thank for Reading !!! Be social and share it in social media, if you feel worth sharing it
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