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How to Debug & Solve vTiger’s Installation Errors

There are certainly very few things more frustrating than errors coming afterinstalling a brand new version of vTiger. You try to login and you get either a blank screen or a Sorry! Attempt to access restricted file.” error.

The vtiger forums are full of people trying to solve this issue and a few others. In today’s post I’m going to review a few ways to debug, find and solve some of the most common vtiger installations issues you may come about.
Sorry! Attempt to access restricted file

This a very common error. It is usually due to: either a file permission issue; the config path is not correct; or there is actually a file missing in our vtiger installation. In order to solve it lets try a few things:

First of all, go to your config.inc.php and make sure the installation path matches the actual path of your vtiger files.

If the last tip does not solve your issue, you are probably have a permission issue. Make sure that vtiger has read-access to the files and folder. This changes from one operating system to the other. In linux you can check this link.

If neither of the previous tips work, then probably it is missing a file in your vtiger install. To solve this, you would need to edit the include/utils/CommonUtils.php file that you find inside vtigercrm. Open the CommonUtils.php file with a text editor, go around line 2755 and add the following:

echo “REAL: $realfilepath, ROOT: $rootdirpath”;

After this, the file should look like this:

Even if this does not solve your problem, at least you know which file vtiger can’t access.
Blank screen / page after Installing vTiger

This is another really common error after installing vtiger. This is due to a fatal error in apache/mysql.

Is you have configured apache according to the vtiger wiki. This is probably is a permission issue.

When you have just installed vtiger, the template engine vtiger’s uses, needs to write the cache files inside the folder Smarty/templates_c. Make sure your apache server can read and write inside this folder. If you are in a clean install, then in 90% of the cases this is what is preventing you from login in to vtiger.

If the permissions are OK, then we need to enable apache error reporting to see exactly what kind of error you are getting. To do so, in linux please check this tutorial. In windows it will depend if you are using wamp or xampp.

Once you manage to see what is causing the error, you can work that out to solve it. There is no magic trick here.. If we are facing an issue with apache/mysql then the solution will vary in accordance to the error.
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