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6 Often Overlooked Ways to Customize your vTiger CRM experience

One of the mot frequent complaints of small business owners and entrepreneurs trying to use vtiger is the following: “I’ve just managed to set it up, create my users and import some data. But why does vtiger include so many things I don’t need right now? How should I set vTiger to make it look like the way I need it?”

Despite some of the usual’s vTiger customization need to be done under the hood, lucky for you, there are also simple, often-overlooked techniques, that you can use to customize vTiger CRM and only take just minutes to be put into practice.

Here are 6 of them.
Deactivate unused modules

Let’s face it. By default, vTiger CRM has too many modules (mainly because it’s much more than the standard CRM system) and many of them are not necessary for your business right now.

Why would you face a user interface full of unnecessary modules and features if you can easily deactivate them? Lets start by disabling the things we do not need. Don’t worry, you can always re-activate them later.

Go to your admin area and search for the Module Manager icon. Then deactivate every module you are not using right now.
Rearrange vTiger’s Menu

If you follow the previous step now you are probably facing a much simpler software than a few minutes ago. To take this on step further we need to rearrange vtiger’s menu to bring upfront the modules we use use more often.

Go back to your admin area and look for the menu editor. Add and remove all the modules you are not using as daily basics.

Please be aware this is a system wide setting, so it would be nice to ask every user before changing the menu layout.

By now you only see only the modules you are planning to use. These last two simple tips should make using your CRM much more comfortable.
Removing Fields from Modules

Did you ever wonder why there is a secretary phone field in contacts module? In +2 years of deploying vTiger I still haven’t found one single customer that makes use of it.

Even if you are planning to use the secretary phone field, there are probably a few fields that you are not planning to use, and maybe a few that you would like to use but they are not there.

To remove or add more fields to a module login as admin, go to the module and click the hummer icon (yes, its a hummer) or the wrench icon if you are using vtiger 6 as show in the following image:

In vtiger 6 simply choose edit fields menu, and you will be directed to a screen where you can easily edit each individual field: Set as Mandatory, Hide, Show is Mass Edit, Quick Create, Etc.

If you are using vTiger 5 click in layout editor menu and you will find the same options.

Now all you need to do its customize each field to feet your needs.
Adding Field to Modules

Now that you are already in the module editor, it’s probably a good time to add those fields that you need and were not included in vtiger’s standard install.

In vtiger 6 click the Add Custom field button. In vTiger 5 look for a plus sign. In both cases you will be required to choose the field type, the label, and depending on the field type you choose some extra information like the length for text fields or the digit number if you choose to create a number field.

Important Note: Please choose the correct type of field. This, as trivial at it sounds, impacts on how this field will be displayed in the entire system.

For example: if you are planning to enter a number, choose the field type accordingly, or otherwise you won’t be able to filter and sum that field in reports and custom views.
Rearrange or Delete Related List

While being in the module layout editor, we can rearrange the order of the module related list (the more information tab content). Look for the button called arrange related tabs and simply move up and down the related list, bringing up the ones you use more often.

If you have following this post from the beginning, (thanks!) you should already be feeling that your CRM is much more like what you expected from the beginning. There two small steps to complete this customization.
Add or Remove Picklist Values

By default, the picklist values may not reflect the way you need them. Let’s say for example you sell services to middle- aged women. Then, probably the field activity does not reflect the activities your clients do.

To modify vTiger picklist go to Settings, Studio and finally to the picklist editor ,where you can change, add or remove the values in all the picklist field in your vtiger installation.

Even if vTiger is a complex system that includes more features than a basic CRM, it still offers a few simple ways to customize the way we use it.
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