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Building a Custom Dashboard and Reports for vTiger CRM

One of the biggest complains I get from vtiger is about the graphics and analytics related module. Even if in vtiger 5.4 and vTiger 6 this has been improved, I think that there is still room for enhancements.

One of VGS’s customers asked us to create a custom dashboard for their business. The idea behind this development was to create really nice graphics from vtiger modules data to help them manage their business key processes.

Since each business has their own processes, and therefore their own metrics or key performance indicators, instead of building a general solution that would work for any business, we decided to add a custom dashboard inside vTiger’s dashboard’s module.
Custom Dashboard and Reports using Chart.js

For this development we chose to use a cool charting gallery called Chart.js which allowed us to create beautiful graphics form vtiger existing modules.

This solution was a two-step process. First step, we modified the existing dashboard module to add new options to the dashboard picklist.

Second step, we created a custom form to filter this information, and create an ajax call to handle this request and provide the information to the Chart.js library.

Once you have provided the labels and dataset information to chart.js the result is the following:

As you can see from this post, using an open source plotting library, it’s possible to build really cool and functional dashboards according to your business needs.
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