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Setting up vTiger Outgoing Email Server With Mandrill

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One really common feature request from vtiger users is to have a unique outgoing server for each user.

Since vtiger has only one outgoing server and many people use gmail as they smtp server, many of the vtiger’s users have found that all outgoing emails are arriving as they were sent by the user which firstly set up the SMTP Server. This is a gmail restriction that needs to be solved using other provider or allowing gmail to send the emails from each user email address. More on this here…

One alternative that we found is using a generic smtp provider like Mandrill.
What is mandrill?

Mandrill is designed to help applications or websites that need to send transactional emails from Mailchimp Server. Please keep in mind that mandrill is not intended to be used to send email newsletters or blast emails campaigns.

The best part of using mandrill is that you can send up to 12.000 emails a month for free from each account. That means that you are covered for the first users and way beyond.
How to set up vtiger outgoing email server with Mandrill SMTP

Mandrill provides an SMTP server for each account, so all you need to do is toconfigure vtiger’s outgoing email server using the mandrill credentials.

The second part is to modify vTiger core to provide all the information mandrill needs to send out your email. To do that simply modify the following file: modules/Emails/mail.php with the following changes

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That’s all.. With this simple modification you can start using the mandrill emails servers for your outgoings emails avoiding any spam filters, blacklist, server issue and the already mentioned gmail rule.
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