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Multiple Terms and Conditions’ Extension for vTiger 6

The vtiger multiple terms and conditions’ extension allows you to define and use more Terms and Conditions templates for Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Quote modules. It is 100% Module manager compatible.

If your company serves multiple channels, for example if you sell to distributors and final customers, or if your company provides various payments options, then you will need to set different terms for each of these cases. As you already know, by default vtiger only allows one set of terms.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an unlimited number of terms to choose, according to your particular situation? For example, imagine having one set of terms for quotes, and two or three sets for sales orders or invoices.
vTiger Multiple Terms and Conditions’ extension for VT6

To increase productivity and avoid any mistakes, we have developed a new extension module for vTiger 6 that will allow you to choose which version of your terms will you use each time you create a quote, sales order, invoice, etc. The huge advantage here is that you will no longer have to copy and paste your terms!

This new 100% compatible module manager module will allow you to create as many new terms & conditions as you need. These terms can be assigned for one or even all of your inventory modules, as shown below. To create a new term and condition in the module, you need to set the template’s name, specify for which module it is valid, and finally the terms’ content.

Once you have created as many entries as you want, all you need to do, is go to your inventory module, hit the Add (or Edit) button and you will find a new select box, right next to the terms and conditions field.

In the combo-box you will be allow to select one of all the active terms and conditions. Just select the template name in the drop-down and the field will be automatically filled in with your terms choice.

As you can see in the images above, this is a great way to use as many terms as you need, and you can forget about copying and pasting. Thanks to this extension module, all you have to do is to select the terms you need when you want to.
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