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vTiger Backup Module: Automatic backups for vTiger 6.x

Since in vTiger version 6.0 the automatic backup module has been removed from the open source version of vTiger, you only have two options to back up your vtiger server: you can either do it manually, or create a custom script that will run in your server and back up your data, both of which will make this process a painful one.

To make sure you are doing backups the right way, we have developed anautomatic backup module for vtiger 6.x. This new module, will not only save your data, but also upload the resulting file to another server, using FTP or to Amazon S3 Storage. If you really care about your CRM data and its storage, this is the way to go.
VGS vTiger Backup Module

The VGS Backup Module offers the following features:
Option to choose which folders to back up. Apart from the few folders that are required to successfully restore your CRM, you can also add to your backup any other folder of your vtiger installation. If you have a uploaded a custom module, or have customized anyhow your CRM, then you will need to save those folders too. With the VGS Backup module, all you will need to do, is to add them to the folder settings.

Local, Remote FTP and Amazon Cloud Backups. You can choose to do locals backups, uploading the file to another server, using FTP, uploading the file into amazon s3 storage, or even all three options at the same time.

Frequency and Numbers of backup to keep: For each backup type (Local, FTP, Amazon) you can set up how often to make the backup and how many backups to keep. For example, you can backup your files into amazon s3 every day and keep the last 14 backups, just in case something happens and you need to go back a few days in your CRM history.
Restoring your vTiger from a backup

Restoring you vTiger CRM from a backup involves the following process:
Installing a blank copy of the same version as your vtiger crm, into a new database.
Uploading your backup database into your server.
Replacing the database name in config.inc.php Just replace the database name you have created in step one, by the name of your backup database that you have uploaded into the server in step 2.
Uploading your backup directory into your server, replacing the new files by the old ones.

By following this procedure you should recover your database, your user privileges settings, uploaded documents, logo, etc.
Backing Up vTiger. The Right way

As a conclusion, the best way to backup your data is to create daily backups to amazon s3. Since amazon is really cheap (I’m paying less than a dollar to backup almost 10 GB of data) and offers great security to your data, I think that this is the way to go. For less than a dollar a month, you can have a month of daily backups store in the same servers as amazon.

The VGS vTiger Backup module, is 100% module manager compatible. All you need to do is upload the module into your vTiger CRM, set up how often it will run, using the scheduler and you are ready to go.
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