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One SMTP Per User vTiger 6 – Add on!

The One SMTP for each user vtiger add-on allows you to have multiple email outgoing servers, one for each of your users. With this add-on you will be avoiding sending all your emails from one address, confusing your customers and recipients.

One usually required feature for vTiger is the possibility to assign to each user a unique outgoing SMTP server.

If you are using gmail, google apps or any other SMTP server, most probably you have already seen that outgoing mails arrive to the correspondent recipients under the name of another person. This problem arises when more than one user is using vtiger for sending emails, which usually happens all the time! In this scenario, the outgoing emails look a bit awkward when your customers, vendors and contacts receive them.

If you haven’t see it before, this is how an Outlook user receives a email that was sent from vTiger.

In this example, the user’s email address is info @ vgsglobal.com but gmail SMTP server overrides that information and sends the email as the admin. This vtiger behavior can be really frustrating for both your users and customers, and at the same time you hit your SMTP Server limits!

To solve this really annoying issue, we have created a new add-on for vtiger. With this add-on, each user has in his/her profile the chance to add their personal SMTP server information as shown below.

Once the user has set the server information, each time they send an email from the CRM (both from the email module and the MailManager) the email will come out through their personal server / username, and not from the admin SMTP. Trust me, both your users and your customers will love getting their emails from the right address into their inboxes.

After applying the patch, this is how your customers will see the email:

As you can see in the image above, now your customers will get the right address in their inbox! This also helps to prevent emails from going into spam folders, which often happens when a lot of emails go out from one email server.

If you usually feel disappointed by the issue discussed today, then this add-on will significantly diminish your frustration.
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