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vTiger Discounts’ Module: Set default discounts for each client

If your company offers a discount for each customer, I’m sure you are aware that in vtiger, there is no way to automatically assign this. This means you will need to do this manually, each time you create a Quote or Sales Order. As you can imagine, this can be incredibly unproductive and lead to many errors in your quotes.
Automatic vTiger Discounts Module for VT 6.x

To increase the productivity of your salesman, and avoid any mistakes, we have developed a new extension module for vTiger 6 that will automatically load the customer’s assigned discount, each time you are creating a Quote, SalesOrder or Invoice.

The vtiger discounts module, will allow you to, for example, assign a 10% discount when your customers buy any products under software category and 8% discount if they buy a technical service. These discounts will be automatically applied when selecting the product / service in Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices.

Since we haven’t changed any of the vtiger files, the sales person can always change the discount manually in the quote.

To get this extension for your vTiger installation, feel free to contact us. We will send you the demo information for you to try the it. You must also bear in mind that this module is 100% module manager compatible.

If you are interested in purchasing or trying a demo please checkout the module at our Extension Store

If you need further customizations or developments, you can count on us as well! Just contact us with your customizations requirements and we will be happy to assist you.
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