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How To Configure and Validate DKIM Records on Zimbra

DKIM is one of many tips for increase reputation of email server besides SPF records who has been explained onprevious article. On this section, i will do generate DKIM on Zimbra and configure DKIM records on public DNS using cPanel.

First, login to Zimbra server via SSH and generate DKIM
1.su - zimbra
2./opt/zimbra/libexec/zmdkimkeyutil -a -d imanudin.net -s selector
The result of above command is like below
For records key DKIM is line on () starting with “v=DKIM1…..until double quote (“). Block and copy the records and check on website : http://dkimcore.org/tools/. Paste on key record for checking and validate.
The above result still problem on double quote (“). Please remove all double quote (“) and check it again
The above picture is valid DKIM key record after remove double quote (“) on all records DKIM. Block (Ctrl+a) and copy (Ctrl+c) the valid DKIM records and insert in public DNS. In here, i am using cPanel for insert DKIM records

Please try to send email to Gmail and see the result

If you has been saw Signed by on Gmail, it’s mean you has been success to configure DKIM. If no, usually still waiting for propagation of DNS
The following is example configure DKIM records on GIF

Good luck and hopefully useful 😀
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