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Zimbra Tips : How To Define Default COS for a Domain

Few days ago, i am implement Zimbra NE in my client with multi server schema. They are 1 LDAP server, 2 Mailboxes Server and 1 MTA+Proxy server. One mailbox server for real account and one another mailbox for archive. By default, account for archive is using domain @domainname.archive. Every create/enable account for archive, automatically Zimbra will create account with name date-real-account@domainname.archive. The location mailbox for archive is usually using random mailbox and sometime using mailbox for archive, sometime using mailbox for real account.
Because the archive account already has a special mailbox, i want to every account with domain@domainname.archive should be using mailbox for archive. Finally, i am create a COS and given namearchive and ensure at Server Pool on COS select mailbox for archive only. For enforce domain @domainname.archive using COS archive who has been created, perform the following steps on domain.
# Find ZimbraId for COS archive
[zimbra@mail ~]$ zmprov gc archive | grep -i zimbraid
zimbraId: ce85c78c-57c1-495a-b375-c2cf56feff6e
After get information about zimbraId of COS, you can apply on your domain like this
zmprov md domainname.archive zimbraDomainDefaultCOSId ce85c78c-57c1-495a-b375-c2cf56feff6e
# Restart Zimbra for ensure configuration has been applied
zmcontrol restart
Voila, finally the archive account always using mailbox who has been provided for archiving.
Good luck and hopefully useful 😀
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