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How to uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials from Windows Server 2012 R2

We recently ran into a situation where we had a Windows 2012 R2 server with Microsoft Security Essentials installed on it (from a few years ago), and now with a recent Windows Update – the Windows update will not install because MSE is no longer compatible with this OS.
The issue is that you can not uninstall MSE via the standard “add/remove” programs.  When that is attempted I get the following error:
Error Code: 0x8004FF04
At that point you’re dead in the water and can’t remove MSE.
Here’s the EASY fix:
go to
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client
and RIGHT CLICK on Setup.exe
Go to Compatibility, check it and change to WIN 7.
Bring up a command prompt
Type in:
“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\Setup.exe” /disableoslimit /u
This will bring up MSE and at this point you will see an “uninstall” button.
Click Uninstall and remove it!
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