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vTiger Outlook and Thunderbird plugins

One of the most important things when considering a CRM solutions is how to store and handle customers e-mails inside the CRM. By keeping customer related email inside our CRM solution, we can keep a record of how the relationship is going with our customers, what was the last thing you talked about, etc.

vTiger offers multiples ways to store your customers and your own e-mails inside the CRM.
vTiger Outlook plugin

If you use either Outlook or Thunderbird as e-mail desktop client, you can still record those emails inside your CRM. vTiger offers simple plug-ins for both alternatives that makes it easy for the user to store the emails in the CRM, by only clicking a simple button inside the MS Outlook or Thunderbird toolbars.

vTiger Oulook Plugin

Some of the features of the outlook plugin are:
Manually synchronize your contacts between Vtiger CRM and Outlook ― Contacts in Outlook are updated in Vtiger CRM and vice versa.
Select desired email in your Outlook, and attach it to selected module in your Vtiger CRM. You can also edit email content before attaching email to selected module.
You can manually synchronize your Calendar(Events) and Tasks(To dos) between Vtiger CRM and Outlook ― Events and To dos in Outlook are updated in Vtiger CRM and vice versa.

vTiger Thunderbird Plugin

If you are using Mozilla Thunderbird you may want to use vTiger Thunderbird Plugin. The Thunderbird extension enables the user to add e-mail messages from Thunderbird to vtigerCRM, import/export contacts between thunderbird and vtigerCRM, and to add an address book record from thunderbird to vtigerCRM as Contact or as Lead.

What I think is one of the most interesting features of both Outllook and Thunderbird plugins is that in both cases you need to manually choose the messages you would like to add to your vTiger CRM. Even if at first glance this extra manual work may worry some users, it actually serves a purpose, and even simplifies the way you handle your emails in vTiger.

Imagine for a second that you save every email that your client sends you, inside your CRM system. The time comes when you need to find one important email your customer has sent you, and you will find yourself browsing through a lot of meaningless emails that actually shouldn’t be there in the first place. This is why I suggest to avoid saving every single email, and just the store in your CRM those meaningful emails for you and your customer.

Therefore, either if you use Thunderbird or Outlook, you have a choice to save your emails in vTiger directly from your email client.
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