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vTiger – WordPress Integration: How to get leads directly in your CRM

One of the most required features in every CRM deployment is to create leads in the CRM from website form inquiries. In this post we are going to review two easy alternatives to integrate your website with your vTiger CRM install.
vTiger – WordPress Websites

If you are not running a website using wordpress feel free to skip to next section.

At VGS Global we love everything about wordpress. Its one of the most used content management systems (CMS) out there. Easy to customize, a really big community, thousand of themes and plugins. WordPress is now much more than a blogging platform.

If you are running a wordpress power site, then integrating your current vtiger install with wordpress shouldn’t be hard with the help of a great plugin called Fast Secure Contact Form.

First go to your plugin section in your wordpress and install the free version of Fast Secure Contact Form. This plugin has a lot of possible customization alternatives but the one we are looking for is the section called “Silent Remote Sending” that should look similar to the following image:

The first two options are:

Silent Remote Sending: POST

Silent Remote URL: You need to type your vtiger crm url with the following format http://example.com/crm/modules/Webforms/post.php

Just below these two options you will find three boxes. The first one, should be used to ignore some of the fields in the form. I don’t know about you, but if the field is in the form and your website visitor bothers to fill it, then probably its a good idea to store that information in your CRM.

The second box, this is is the key to make this work, allows us to remap or rename the existing field names. Here we need to map each existing field in the form to the equivalent field in you vtiger install. The key, is that vtiger expects the field name exactly as they are called inside vtiger. Anything different will be ignored.

That is why the second box is really important. It allows us to make the form and vtiger talk the same language.

The third box allows us to silently send info from the form to vtiger. That would be the equivalent to hidden values in the form.

Please keep in mind that if there is a mandatory field in vtiger crm, it has to be in your website also. Otherwise, the lead won’t be created in vtiger.
Integrating existing forms with vtiger Webforms (Ex.- using existing HTML form)

vTiger has a great functionality called webforms that allows you to generate the html code of the form and paste it in your website.

To create a new webform you need to go to settings, webforms, and then follow the instructions from vtiger wiki. Once you got the html code, ask you designer or web developer to include it in your website.

The downside? Since you are replacing the action of the form, you need to use vtiger workflows to create an autoresponder email to thank your lead.
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