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VMWare View

VMware View - the most mature solution for the deployment of virtual workplaces. The system demonstrates the unprecedented scope of administration, scaling, and individual adaptation of virtual jobs at enterprises of any size. With this system in IT organizations there is a real opportunity to separate the workplace as a complex software from the devices and from binding to specific points of placement. VMware View includes technology that will improve the scalability and performance of virtual desktops, while reducing time and cost of care. Also, features such as virtual print, multimedia redirection of flows, off-line desktop system and the parallel connection of the sessions of Windows Terminal Services enables end user to fully enjoy the advantages of virtual desktops.

VMware View System 3 is designed to solve the so-called "dilemma of the working place. This dilemma is choosing between low cost and convenient management of "thin clients" and conventional PCs, which offer the user a great way to launch a variety of applications, but have themselves become a constant headache for administrators because of difficulties in deploying, upgrading and maintenance. System VMware View combines the advantages of both approaches, offering a full-featured virtual jobs with the possibility of convenient and efficient administration of all the images stored in the data center.
The Enterprise Edition provides the platform VMware Infrastructure Enterprise Edition server and management jobs for VMware View Manager 3, which helps to quickly identify new jobs and to monitor any user's credentials. Revision Premier Edition includes a platform for VMware Infrastructure Enterprise Edition, server management VMware View Manager 3, VMware ThinApp technology for virtualization applications without installing the agent module on client PCs, as well as a program VMware View Composer, which enables IT staff to deploy many virtual desktops places on the basis of a single base image, accelerating the creation of new individual workplace with minimal additional cost of storage resources.
Among the new features introduced in the VMware View, you can point a virtual print, multimedia operations and diversion of flows, work virtual jobs in the off-line and support a terminal session access Windows Terminal Services. In particular, the technology is Offline Desktop allows you to upload the image of a virtual machine on a local PC to work with local resources without having to connect to the network and then transfer all the changes back into the data center.

Requirements VMware View to the infrastructure of the company:
. The number of desktops in the organization or unit, which implements VMware View, must be at least 50-100. The more - the better. Economic effect solution makes it with a large number of virtual desktops.
. The infrastructure of the company must be present and run Microsoft Active Directory. VMware View manages the rights of users is based on the AD (although in principle possible, and integration, such as Novell eDirectory).
. Option deployment solutions VMware View - a few, so choosing the correct model of infrastructure deployment of virtual PC is a key factor that determines how much investment will be done, how much flexibility will be resolved, and how quickly and safely, users will receive their virtual PCs.

What makes the use of virtual desktop infrastructure VMware View for the organization:
. Virtual PC are stored on a shared storage system, located in a secure data center. Physical access to the data of employees - is limited.
. Centralized deployment of virtual machines allows them to simplify maintenance and updating. Rather than manage each computer separately, you can update and maintain their complex at the level of virtual infrastructure.
. You can access your PC from anywhere with Internet. When useful? Imagine a situation where your employees are mobile and work with corporate laptops. Lost laptop - lost data, which can get all those who use them to harm us. With the use of VMware View, laptops mobile workers become merely a "thin clients for virtual desktops in the data center.
. Virtual PC saves space occupied in the storage system and maintain one set of operations, hundreds of virtual desktops. It creates a basic disk image with the necessary applications installed, then VMware View Composer creates for each desktop drive differences (Technology Copy On Write), which exist only at the time of existence of virtual desktops. Thus, altering the basic disk, we make a change and all razvertyvaemye from the desktops.
. Obtaining virtual desktops ?On Demand?. The specificity of virtual machines allows you within minutes to deploy a new virtual PC on demand from a template, without having to install the OS and applications.

How is VMware View:
. Corporate users with their own virtual PC.
. Employees in remote offices or in fields. Their data are securely protected in the main data center company.
. Users with limited personalization of their workstations. Here are just the basic approach of virtual PC.
. Mobile workers working in potentially dangerous in terms of loss or theft of information field.

VMware View - Universal Client Solution. The desktop of the future is not a single PC:
It's a combination of different devices, multiple platforms, legacy and web-based applications, as well as the end user's data and settings. Give your end users a personalized view of their desktop, applications and data while maintaining centralized control and security. Separate the desktop from the underlying hardware and the applications from the operating system to simplify and reduce the costs of desktop management. Provide a Universal Client Solution with VMware View - where desktops follow the user regardless of device or location. Watch this video to learn more.

Reduce the Costs of Desktop Management
See how much you can save by centralizing the management of your desktop resources with our TCO Calculator. VMware View lets you centralize the management of hardware, operating systems, and applications. Save money and time spent on testing, provisioning, managing and supporting traditional Windows desktops. You'll also see reductions in storage requirements and costs up to 70% with VMware View Composer. Create desktop images which share virtual disks with a master image. Patch or update those desktop images by updating the master image, without affecting user settings, data, or applications.

Securely Deliver Complete Desktop Environments
Maintain control over data and intellectual property by keeping it secure in the datacenter. End users can access their personalized desktop, complete with applications and data, from any location, at any time without jeopardizing the corporate security policies. Listen to Metro Health describe how they use VMware View to give doctors and nursing staff instant access to vital information while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Quickly Provision and Manage Desktops and Applications
Deploy new desktops in minutes, optimizing the value of IT resources and getting end users productive faster. Instantly apply desktop updates at any time from a central location with View Manager. Get advanced virtual desktop image management with VMware View Composer and streamline application delivery with VMware ThinApp application virtualization.

Provide Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for the Desktop
Disaster recovery solutions for the desktop are costly and complex. Through tight integration with VMware Infrastructure 3, VMware View enables customers to simply extend the enterprise-class features-high availability, disaster recovery and business continuity-to the desktop. Back up desktops and data in the datacenter for greater fault tolerance and reliability while providing higher levels of availability to end users.

The VMware View solution consists of:
?VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VMware Infrastructure 3 VMware View Manager 3)
?Storage Optimization with VMware View Composer
?Application Virtualization with VMware ThinApp
?Client Virtualization with Offline Desktop - Experimental Use
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